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Daniel Kane  
London - Dubai - New York

Hired by some of the worlds largest corporations as a magician in London


´´You bring magic into the 21st century and make it cool. Pure entertainment´´

Alexander Bard / 

Got Talent Jury

Leave nothing to chance, hire a professional magician for your event in London

Visual magic & humour


Corporate stage magic, the perfect entertainment. Daniel is a specialist at corporate events. Especially on stage. As a world class magician he has been all around the world and performed at hundreds of events. All the way from London to Berlin. Experience the magic at your event. Book magician London

Which show for your event?


Exclusive Close-up Magic or a Stage show? Are you planning a corporate event and want something that stands out and elevates your event to the next level? An exclusive and intimate performance for a select few or a grand performance for several hundred guests. Daniel is an expert at both. Get in touch with us and discuss the right show for your event. Book a real magician for your London event

Make your event unforgettable!

Modern visual magic, high energy

Book a professional magician for your event in London


Daniel Kane Magician

Daniel Kane is a world class magician and Got Talent Finalist who has performed all over the world for Fortune 500 Companies & The Swedish Royal Family. He is based in Scandinavia were he performs mostly at corporate events. He is also frequently booked as a magician & entertainer in London - Berlin - Paris. His shows is a combination of visual cool magic with a modern exclusive touch & loaded with audience interaction, mind reading and lots of laughter. His mission is to bring a sense of wonder and get his audience to experience something unique that they will remember for a long time. He lives by the motto phrased by the famous Walt Disney.

~It´s kind of fun to do the impossible!~

Magician London

Magician London - Daniel Kane is a professional magician that has performed all over the world at corporate events. Some of his clients are Apple - Saint Gobain - IKEA - Ericsson and many more. If your are interested in a magician in London for your event book Daniel Kane today. 

magician london

Book Magician London

Make your event unforgettable - Book a magician in London. Daniel Kane is a world renowned magician that has specialized in performing at corporate events, weddings and private events all around the world. Magic that is inspirational and mind boggling. Something your guests will soon forget. Book Magician London - Daniel Kane

book magician london

Magician Berlin

Magician Berlin - Book a top entertainer and magician in Berlin. Daniel Kane is an expert at performing at corporate events. A professional magician that mixes modern magic with contemporary music, humor and audience participation. Are you looking for a unique experience for your clients and staff? Magic performed only centimetres from the audiences eyes, or spectacular illusions from a grand stage. Get in touch with us and we will discuss your entertainment needs . Book Magician Berlin - Daniel Kane

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magician berlin

Magician Dubai

Magician Dubai - Hire world class entertainment for your event in Dubai. Daniel Kane is a world class entertainer that has performed all around the world in cities like London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin, Dubai and many more. His magic is a mix of modern visual magic combined with humor and an energetic presence. One of his signature acts is his bird act that recieved over 60 million views on Facebook. Book Magician Dubai - Daniel Kane today! 

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magician dubai