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Close-Up Magician.

Watch the video, experience the magic. 

Close-Up Magician - Daniel Kane World Class Magic


Close-Up Magician - Book unique & first class entertainment for your corporate event in London-Dubai-New York-Berlin. 

What show?

 Do you want a unique experience at your pre-dinner event or a really cool show after your main course? Why not both!

Hire a professional!

 Daniel Kane is booked 250 days a year for corporate events, cruise ships, private events. Some of his clients are - Apple - IKEA - Huawei and many more.

High energy magic!

Daniels shows has high energy, audience participation, humor, mindreading, explosive illusions & visual magic.

Be 100% satisfied! Book a true professional at your corporate event today. Book Close-Up magician Daniel Kane!

 Daniel has experience from hundreds of corporate events for some of the worlds largest corporations. - Apple - Huawei - IKEA - McDonalds - NCC. Modern visual magic with high energy & humour.

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Experience the magic in motion

Send us a booking request so we can give advice on which show suits your corporate event the best. 

Daniel Kane is a professional at entertaining audiences at corporate events and performs all over the world at corporate and private events with his high energy and visual magic. Book Daniel Kane as a magician in London for your exclusive event.

Different magic Shows

Daniel offers exclusive shows in many formats. Close-Up magic for the welcome drink or spectacular magical stage shows of all sizes. 

Close-Up Magic / Exclusive show

close-up magician

Visual & spectacular magic - Close Up! 

Magic so strong that it succeeds to get under your skin. This is the show were Daniel performs inches from your audiences eyes and gives them an experience unlike any other. Your guests will have memory for life. This show is perfect to combine with a larger stage show. Book Close-Up Magician!

Stage show / Humor & Magic

close-up magician

Daniels popular one-man show! 

A great show for the audience that mixes modern & classical magic. Daniels fantasy inspired bird act with doves and macaws, audience interaction combined with mindreading. Perfect for 50-300 people. Daniels most popular show.  Book magician!

Illusion show / Las Vegas

close-up magician

The show for the really big corporate events!

Are you planning a really big corporate event and want something really extraordinary then this is the show for you. World class magic, spectacular illusions were audience members levitate, people appear and disappear in thin air, fire and an amazing light show.  A show that must be experienced. 

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